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day 1 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

currently i am in a relationship and have been for a while. coming up on october 16th, it will be our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! im so excited. i have like zero dollars and i want to get my baby something really special…i have so many ideas. i have not decided what im going to do for him on our anniversary but just thinking about it i get all anxious and excited for it to happen. the sad thing is that we will be in different states on our actual anniversary but a few days after that, when we see each other again, we will celebrate. i love him so much and yes, we fight and have our rough patches, but it is all worth it and just part of the relationship. after each fight, it is like we know each other better. i know that he is my soul mate and we are going to end up together and marrid in the future. we just have to be smart about it and wait it out, doing what we have to do now so we can be suvvessful later on. in the future, i will be mrs. bell. i cannot wait! <3

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